Sunday, 12 February 2012

yippie ki yay motherfucker

anything die antwoord do seems to totally push my buttons (especially ninja, meow) and this commercial for t by alexander wang pretty much jams my buttons in so hard that they get stuck and you can never get them out again no matter how much you force them.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


really digging these shots of the beautiful charlotte free for wildfox's summer look 2012 book. all wrapped up in those delicate pinks, makes me want some raspberry ripple ice cream. oh, i am totally getting raspberry ripple ice cream tomorrow.

photos: mark hunter

gia coppola for opening ceremony.

palm trees, silky skin, hawaiian shirts. pfft, big deal! oh, who am i kiddin'? i am actually longing for summer, me, the ice queen! spring/summer, for once, didn't make me want to die in sea of awkward neon and, ergh...sports lux. thank god. pastels all the way!

viva la summer.